Lurye, Chumakov & Partners team at SibLegalWeek - Andrey Chumakov and Anna Andrusova speak at 3 sessions

Andrey Chumakov and Anna Andrusova performed at Siblegalweek in Novosibirsk. It turned out to be a great event that brought together the best speakers – thanks to the organizers for this.

Anna spoke at two sessions: She told how the loss compensation agreement works as an investor protection tool and how to get out of the corporate conflict in a civilized way using the penalty option mechanism. Andrey took part in a tax session-a simulation of a face-to-face confrontation between a tax authority and a taxpayer.

According to Anna and Andrey, events such as Siblegalweek are very valuable for the legal community and provide an opportunity for a huge exchange of experience between everyone involved in the legal business – inhouses, consultants, representatives of government agencies.

The recording of the session with Anna's participation can be viewed here, with Andrey's participation is here.