Of counsel, head of the practice «‎Investment funds»‎ Lurye, Chumakov & Partners Anna Andrusova will speak at the investcommunity Forum-2021

Anna Andrusova will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using an investment partnership to organize investment activities in comparison with a limited liability company as an SPV (a company specially created for the purposes of investment activities), with the help of which several investors plan to make syndicated investments.

Some parameters by which Anna will compare the two forms:

• who can be a member;
• the term and cost of creation and further maintenance of operational activities; • property that can be an investor's contribution;
• investor's responsibility for failure to provide promised financing;
• assets that can be objects of investment;
• and others.

Based on the results of the comparison, Anna will draw conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of an investment partnership as a form of organizing joint investment activities of several persons in comparison with the LLC. We invite you to join InvestComminuty-2021!