«Discovering Armenia - key rules for the use of Armenian companies by Russian businessmen»

The webinar will be useful for companies that want to make a prudent decision about relocation to Armenia.

March, 17th
Registration is required. On the day of the webinar, you will receive a link to Zoom.

Main topics to discuss:
* Basic rules of doing business in Armenia: legal entities, opening bank accounts, migration issues, key taxes and basic tax regimes
* Use of Armenian companies in legal and tax structuring of transactions and business
* Rules of the Russian currency legislation on transactions with Armenian companies (taking into account anti-sanctions legislation) and accounts in Armenian banks
* Specifics of the application of the CFC rules in relation to Armenian companies

Experts of the webinar – Lurye, Chumakov & Partners team:
Andrey Chumakov, Co-managing Partner
Denis Ryazanov, Of Counsel
Stepan Morozov, Lawyer
Rafael Aghajanyan, Lawyer

Here is the recording of the webinar.